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Automate to Innovate: Manufacturing efficiency emerging from COVID-19

July 24, 2020  By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

The global manufacturing industry has long touted the benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies – improved productivity and product quality, reduced operating costs, competitive advantage. For many Canadian manufacturers, the list of reasons not to automate was long, topped by perceived expense and insufficient testing at scale.

But the COVID-19 pandemic is necessitating rapid change.

During the height of the lockdowns, manufacturers were forced to close, reduce operations or furlough workers. Consumer demand shifted unpredictably and supply chains, particularly those concentrated in gravely affected regions, suffered bottlenecking so great shelves were left empty for weeks.

Operations have now mostly reopened, and manufacturers have had to make accommodations. Production requirements remain the same but have been hampered by staffing challenges and increased safety measures.


To help manufacturers prepare for a potential second wave of the coronavirus and long-term competitiveness, Manufacturing AUTOMATION and Canadian Plastics have partnered to bring industry experts together in a FREE virtual summit focused on how automation will prove integral to our “new normal,” and on how to implement it.

Registration details are available here. The event agenda is available here.

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