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Introducing JELD-WEN® of Canada’s Most
Energy-Efficient Window.

As climate change continues to impact Canada’s weather patterns, the demand for energy-efficient and durable products is higher than ever.
JELD-WEN® of Canada is thrilled to present the groundbreaking 8500 series window, designed to exceed customer expectations by offering an optimal combination of style, performance and energy savings.

Offer your customers the impressive benefits of these top-performing windows when upgrading their home:

26% Lower Profile Frame
Increases Glass Area:
Experience a 26% slimmer frame, allowing for a larger glass area and inviting more natural light into homes. Enjoy a sleek and modern touch while maintaining window strength.

Up to 22% Better
Energy Efficiency:
Our 8500 series window is 2030-rated, meeting Canada’s U-Factor 0.14 (U.S./I-P) / 0.82 (Metric/SI) or ER 44 building code targets. This remarkable energy efficiency translates into lower energy bills and ensures the comfort of homes even in extreme weather conditions.

Photo of 8500 series window

Sound Reduction with Tri-Pane:
Upgrade to our Tri-Pane windows and experience enhanced sound resistance, providing a quieter and more energy-efficient home environment.

Versatile and Tailored Solutions:
Our industry-leading vinyl windows are meticulously crafted to meet the regional needs of homeowners across Canada. Blending functionality and design, they suit any project and architectural style.

Energy Efficient and Economical:
These cost-effective windows offer impressive energy efficiency, enabling homeowners to save on utility bills without compromising on quality or performance.

Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting:
Crafted from premium vinyl materials, our windows are built to withstand the test of time. Enjoy hassle-free, low-maintenance living without sacrificing durability.

Contemporary Nesting Handle and Multi-Point Lock:
Our sleek low-profile hardware design comes with an upgraded dual arm operator.

Premium FiniShield™ Laminate Colours:
With laminate options, our windows offer greater uniformity of color, scratch resistance and reduced heat build-up compared to paint. We also provide specialty colors and finishes like paint, imitation wood, and metal for special orders.

Colour Swatches:
				   White Vinyl | French Vanilla | Smoke (Light Grey) | Claystone | Sable | Slate | Chestnut Bronze | Jet Black

Dual-Pane and Tri-Pane Glass Options:
Choose from our range of Low-E glass options—SunFlow™, SunStable™, SunResist™ or HeatSave™. These options offer year-round comfort, lower energy bills, and exceptional performance, ensuring your customers’ satisfaction.

Eligible for Provincial and Federal Rebates:
Our energy efficient 8500 series windows qualify homeowners for substantial savings through the Greener Homes Grant, allowing them to save up to $250 per rough opening. Take advantage of this opportunity and help your customers access provincial and federal rebates while promoting energy-efficient solutions.

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Learn more about JELD-WEN’s top-performing
windows for your customers.

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