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Strong attendance as GlassBuild America celebrates 20-year anniversary

The 2023 edition of GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo was the largest in more than a decade featuring 481 exhibiting companies occupying 188,300 net square feet. The event drew more than 8,700 participants as it celebrated its 20th year. GlassBuild 2023 drew participants from all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, as well as attendees from Canada and 65 other countries.

Windows and Time

Established in 1917 in La Sarre, Que., Roberge Windows and Doors has steadily kept pace with the times, adopting newly invented materials, evolving standards and modern production methods.

FGIA: Let the rebates roll

At our 2023 FGIA Summer Conference, Greg Bloom, industry relations manager of the Vancouver-based Home Performance Stakeholder Council, offered an overview of window and door replacement rebates and incentive programs that are available in British Columbia.

The Window Geek: Pandora’s doors

About a year ago I noticed something shift when it came to door specifications from architects on multi-family projects. This change prompted me to look a bit closer at what was driving this shift. Nothing was new in the requested requirement, what was new was all the requirements were being asked to be achieved in one single product.


Fenestration Conversations Episode #52: In Search of Scholars – Allan Doyle, Global Windows and Doors

Fenestration Canada is offering scholarships to members to encourage continuing education in the window and door industry and to encourage young people to take up their parent’s trade. It’s part of the ongoing search for talent that’s challenging all of us to find the people to fuel growth and take our industry into the next generation. Former FenCan president, Allan Doyle, is leading the scholarship program and joins the Conversation to tell us all about it then to share his perspectives and opinions on the labour supply, immigration, training, public schools and what is and is not working when it ... » Listen now

Cabinet Maker/Installer

Claro Cabinet Manufacturing requires cabinetmakers to assemble cabinets and other fine architectural millwork. » Learn more

Automotive / Industrial Painter

Malley Industries is a manufacturer of specialized vehicles and vacuum formed composite products for the automotive and industrial sectors. » Read More...

Skilled Labourer - Carpentry

T&T Building Products Inc. is located in the south part of London, near Belmont, ON. It is a family-run business that focuses on quality products and customer satisfaction. » Read More...