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FenBC online seminar: How to Uncover the Truth about ERP Before you Buy

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January 13, 2021

Over the past 40 years, Andy Pratico, has worked with thousands of manufacturers and many in the Fenestration industry.
Andy has been an active member of APICS for many years, including volunteering his time and expertise as past President for the Vancouver chapter, and on the Board of Directors for the Utah Chapter. He has also successfully assisted companies to acquire grants to implement ERP in Canada. Andy Pratico holds a bachelors degree in IT Systems and is a BCIT graduate.

He has seen many implementation success stories, but sadly even more failures. The Customer satisfaction percentage for ERP is at an all-time low; when it does not need to be. To help, Andy conducts workshops on how to uncover the truth about ERPs so Fenestration manufacturers can make their own informed decisions. Andy takes you through it all, leaving you fully armed, knowledgeable and prepared to take the next step toward success.

Andy has also written many informative articles on the topic, which have been published in industry magazines and publications. To help Fenestration companies increase success with ERPs, Andy compiled these articles into a book available on Amazon. ‘How to Select Your ERP without Losing your Mind (or your job)’ was compiled to provide insight, intelligence and a full body of information that will help you uncover the truth when evaluating ERP systems.

When we are evaluating ERP systems, uncovering the truth is all we are trying to do. If you can uncover the truth, knowing which system is best should be easy

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