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FenCon 19 features star studded line up of lean/continuous improvement educators

February 20, 2019  By FenCon19

Feb. 20, 2019 – The interest and desire to succeed in manufacturing in North America has rebounded in recent years or even months. However, it is also clear that North America will need to use its strong set in technology and education in order to succeed through ups and downs.

The Winnipeg based Window and door manufacturing conference – www.FenCon19.com launched almost 3 years with a clear and concise focus on manufacturing, incorporating a range of elements that can be most impactful on the excellence of window and door manufacturing. The first two conferences built a base of Kaizen training with the involvement of the best in North America, provided by the Winnipeg CME chapter and supporting personnel. Furthermore, some of those leaders such as Black Belt Ian Marshall and Brett Hiscock have become familiar with window manufacturing through their direct exposure to and involvement in that sector.

One of the early innovators and leaders of LEAN, Dave Hogg, joins FenCon 19 to help deliver both a seminar during day one as well as an extended Workshop in the first half of day 2. Dave has an extraordinary history of leading the development of consortia that have a big impact and continues even today through publishing his thoughts and ideas on his own site, ATJ Insights!

Youth and greater experience combine in a “reporting back segment” where the combination of Aynsley Dueck and Frank Schaefer will deliver a VERY engaging session of “what’s happening in their production facilities”! Aynsley has gained a tremendous amount of experience and training over the course of the past 3 plus years and passionately delivers some ideas of how even a short journey in CI can so positively impact your people. Frank has been involved in manufacturing for some 20 years but has most recently become a convert of ideas coming from “2 Second Lean” and has achieved remarkable and innovative results.


Warren Peters, CME Winnipeg Lean Educator (and with some background personally in window manufacturing) brings a “hands on experienced partner” from Barkman Concrete’s Steve Derksen to deliver a longer workshop on the morning of day 2. Once more – KATA – a newer and impactful approach seems to be enlivening the LEAN applications in production facilities.

Last but perhaps most important, Billy Taylor brings his high energy and crisply “people focused” approach to FenCon 19 as the lunch time key note speaker. Billy, most recently appointed Goodyear’s Global Director for diversity and inclusion, is almost guaranteed to enthuse the attendees further in the methods to continue to strengthen and build our window and door manufacturing segment in North America into further leadership!

But then I forgot one more expert in the midst of this literally star studded line-up – Vern Campbell! Vern – a part of the staff at University of Manitoba Engineering – brings to FenCon 19 a session on Operation Excellence!

Oh one more thing, quite a number of the attendees have some current experience in LEAN/Kaizen implementation. After all, one of THE biggest things that apply to attending a conference like this in person is to develop personal connections and insights. . . that can only happen. . . IN PERSON!

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