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FenCon19 seminar: The Big Finish – Painting your own door panels is easier than you think

February 4, 2019  By Al Dueck Duxton Windows and Doors

FenCon19 is ALL about delivering valuable knowledge in the manufacturing process of creating superior windows and doors. We can only deliver by tapping into talent and experience and AquaSurTech’s Maria Jasminez certainly brings a huge amount of both. By a stroke of good luck, Maria has in fact spent a solid 23 years working within the door manufacturing industry while the past 4 years have held a focus on putting the finish on door panels. 

“It surprises some of our best customers to find that getting into the process of finishing door panels is much easier than expected,” says Maria, “We have also seen some of those door manufacturers move VERY quickly once they realize the benefits.” AquaSurTechhas been supplying water base for 25 years and has more expanded their capabilities with a one-two combination of an automated door panel painting system – the LH1100 (capable of painting one side in 4 minutes, as well as the Flamepro automatic preparation machine.  Maria has seen demand for both systems take-off as she was able to complete multiple installations of each system in the past year.

The FenCon19 workshop on fiberglass door panel finishing will see Maria discuss a number of different topics.  The amazing range of wood grain Fiberglass door panels – with quite a mix of cherry, vertical grain and oak – has challenged the “finishing industry” to develop ever better capabilities to really bring out the details.  “Its part art and part science and my workshop will be an excellent classroom session where you’ll get some tips on how to complete the most amazing works of art,” says Maria.  And, that’s on top of some extra insights into the rebounding interest in smooth skin fiberglass door panels, a response to the market which has an on-going demand for clean, contemporary details including flush glaze door panels.



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