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Fenestration Canada announces new partnership with CFIB

May 22, 2020  By Patrick Flannery

Fenestration Canada has announced it has partnered with the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, a national association of small businesses known for its advocacy and business support efforts. The relationship means Fenestration Canada members will automatically gain membership in the CFIB with no increase in fees – a significant benefit.

Chris Crowne, CFIB member of national partnerships, joined Fenestration Review editor Patrick Flannery and Fenestration Canada executive director Stephane Labelle in a video to explain the CFIB’s work and outline the new partnership.

Fenestration Canada members will receive full membership benefits from CFIB. These include access to expert consultants on a range of small business issues; low-cost training and certification programs in a number of business areas; educational resources; and purchasing discounts with many popular suppliers, including Chase payment services.


CFIB is also a powerful advocate for small business concerns in government. This has been especially apparent during the pandemic, as media, other organizations and governments have turned to the CFIB for information and advice. CFIB president Dan Kelly has been ubiquitous on media and social channels, causing Crowne to speculate that there may actually be three Dan Kellys.

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