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Fenestration Canada – No time like the present

The future of this association looks good.

July 21, 2016  By trutechdoors

By the time this article is published, I will officially be past president of Fenestration Canada after three years as president. I will remain active on the executive team and with the association in general.

Going forward, I feel secure in knowing we have the right people in the right positions and an invested, quality group of young professionals ready to lead us into the future. The association’s goal is to be the leading resource on all matters that impact the fenestration industry across our country. Throughout my years as a board member and president I have witnessed some remarkable achievements, many spirited and lively debates and participated in several lengthy and important discussions regarding issues that significantly impact our ability to make a living as fenestration professionals.

Upcoming in November, the WinDoor show will for the first time be held outside of Toronto at the Palais De Congres in Montreal, Que. Quebec has a deep and storied history of window and door fabrication and it is gratifying to see this segment of our industry receive some recognition and gratitude. My early years as a hardware salesman were spent travelling to Montreal to secure business from a very large contingent of window and door fabricators. Many of these companies are no longer in business. [No reflection on your sales practices, I’m sure, Skip. – ed.] However, the tradition of quality fenestration manufacturing lives on among the many window and door fabricators in Quebec. The ability to stage an important industry event such as WinDoor in a world-class city as Montreal presents opportunities to totally refresh and renew the experience and to integrate new and exciting programs and features not previously considered. The show committee, alongside the AVFQ (Quebec’s window and door association) and our experienced event management company, Zzeem, promise to present an event for the ages. I personally invite you to Montreal, this November 15 to 17. Your support is critical to the event and will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Come and celebrate our industry, learn from the pros, network with professionals, discover new products and services.

Fenestration Canada is about developing relationships. It’s about how we can ensure Canadian fenestration products positively impact residential construction, now and in the future. It’s about the relationship between windows and doors and home building, renovation and changing life styles. One way the association can help you build these relationships is through influencing the development of standards that make sense for Canadian fabricators. We can do this through promoting Canadian window and door products that are at the top of their class in performance and affordability. But we can only do these things if we have the support of window and door fabricators and the other stakeholders of the Canadian fenestration industry. Whether you are a national producer, regional fabricator, hardware producer, glass manufacturer, consultant or something else, if your business is window or door related, you can make a difference. Your voice, opinion and experience matters. Become an influencer. Whether your interests lie in sales, operations, marketing or R&D, there are association activities and initiatives that could use your talents and provide you with valuable insight to the future our industry. Get involved! You’ll be glad you did.


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