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Fenestration Canada: What a year

2019 saw huge progress. We’re looking to build off that.

June 3, 2020  By Stephane Labelle

What a year 2019 was! It went by so fast and yet we got so much done. In the span of 12 months,

Fenestration Canada strengthened its presence all across the country with the addition of the regional committees, protected our members interest while making sure our industry evolved and stayed relevant and hosted several successful events in Canada and the United States.

When Terry Adamson took over as president, he made a point of making sure Fenestration Canada would be the voice of our industry in the whole country. Our efforts paid off with several new members from all across Canada. This year, we are pushing it even further by offering 10 regional events, for free, for all members. This is the perfect occasion for all of you and your staff to stay up to date with the constant changes happening in our industry.

It is also where you will be able to meet with our new technical director, Al Jaugelis. Prior to joining Fenestration Canada, Al provided consulting services on fenestration performance matters, initiated several research projects on window energy performance, and supported window and door manufacturers with practical NAFS test planning and code compliance challenges. Al is also a voting member of the CSA A440 Committee, a member of the NRC Energy Efficient Fenestration Steering Committee and the Fenestration Canada Technical Services Committee.


Recognized as an authority on the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS), he writes about it on the “NAFS in Canada” blog. His role with Fenestration Canada is to support the industry by sharing his technical expertise, skill, and insights into developing a world class window and door manufacturers association. Al is also a great asset to myself and the board to liaise with industry stakeholders and to provide the most up-to-date information and expertise on federal and provincial industry regulations.

On my side, on top of my regular management duties, I will keep traveling from east to west to make sure I get a chance to talk with as many of you as possible. It is a priority for me to always have a clear picture of what is going on on the field so we can adjust our initiatives to serve you in the best way possible.

As Terry Adamson becomes past president in June, Mike Bruno will take over the role of president. Mike was always vocal about the fact that manufacturers should be as involved as possible in Fenestration Canada’s activities and that our suppliers should support us in keeping the industry healthy. We need everyone’s input and support to keep this organisation strong and that is what we ask from you: involvement and support. I am really grateful for everything we accomplished in 2019 and also really excited about everything that is coming in 2020.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming Fenestration Canada events…

Our Spring Conference takes place June 3 to 6 in beautiful Charlottetown, P.E.I. This location has created a buzz! Everyone is looking forward to the relaxed atmosphere and scenic beauty of the Island. Come for the lobster, stay for the exclusive networking and education opportunities guaranteed to help your business.

Speaking of buzz, everyone’s going to be talking about WinDoor 2020. Why? We’re holding it at a very special new venue: Olympic Stadium in Montreal! That’s right, you are going to be able to shop for new hardware on the very ground where Larry Walker and Vladimir Guerrero played.

Dates and locations for our regional events will be coming to your inbox soon. Come out, get a free lunch and an update on the association and industry issues.

See you there!

By Stephane Labelle, Fenestration Canada executive director

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