Fenestration Review

FGIA to resume in-person inspections in July

May 16, 2022  By FGIA

FGIA is preparing to re-start in-person inspections for the air-water-structural, thermal and profile certification programs in July. Traditionally, these inspections were unannounced. However, due to the long absence of our inspectors form the manufacturing facilities and to accommodate the safety requirements of companies in the programs, licensees will be given notice before their inspections in the second half of 2022. Details on this plan are currently being developed, and a formal announcement will be sent to licensees before May 31.

Watch for Outstanding Invoices Reminders from FGIA Accounting
Please be advised that invoices for 2022 annual services are past due. Not paying invoices promptly may lead to an interruption of services. If you have outstanding invoices that may be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, please communicate this to FGIA staff so we can work with you. Reach out to Sam Leeke with any questions or concerns and to avoid any disruption of services.

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