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Government grants available for passive house training

February 7, 2022  By Passive House Canada

There are a number of provincial training grants available across Canada, and we have been providing assistance to organizations that are looking to increase their skills and knowledge on Passive House. As a potential course participant, you may qualify for government funding that could be applied to any of our courses as well as the certification exam. Depending on your circumstances and the Province that you reside in, you may qualify for up to an 83% discount off of our courses! We know that companies are receiving funding assistance for course options including our Pathway to Designer/Consultant Certification, Construction Training for Trades, and our Master Class Series, to name just a few. Please note that grant applications may take up to 4 weeks to process, so it’s best to start applying as soon as possible! As we move back into in-person training, travel expenses may also be eligible in some provinces.

Pathway to Passive House Trades Certification (150P)

This three-part course teaches practical Passive House Building techniques and theory about this high-performance building standard.

It is essential that those working on Passive House buildings can properly install components, accurately implement design details, and also assess the impact that changes from planned work will have on the performance of the building. This course includes online lectures and hands-on workshop experience, incorporating actual building of Passive House elements relevant to the Canadian construction industry.


Pathway to Passive House Designer/Consultant Certification (120P)
LIVE ONLINE – STARTS March 8, 2022

Take advantage of significant savings offered by this combined program offering! Special member pricing for for this bundle is $2,488, a savings of over $1,400!

Passive House Certification ensures that you or your organization are expertly qualified to design high performance, highly efficient buildings to meet Canada’s national green building strategy and focuses on the following 3 core courses: Passive House Design & Construction (120A), Understanding & Working with PHPP (120B) and Exam Preparation for Designer/Consultant Exam (120C).

Not only is our Pathway to Certification program the proven and most effective way to prepare participants to pass the challenging exam, but it also provides substantial savings!

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