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GreenON cancelled

June 19, 2018  By Patrick Flannery

The GreenON rebate program has been cancelled, according to the program’s website. GreenON’s sudden launch made waves last December by promising buyers of replacement windows up to $5,000 in rebates when they purchased Energy Star Most Efficient windows from WindowWise-accredited dealers. The program came under fire from industry critics for its haphazard rollout, poor communication, conflicting rules and unclear procedures and requirements.

The GreenON website states the program will honour work agreements for work completed by August 31 as long as the rebate application is received by Sept. 30. Many window dealers and manufacturers are facing huge backlogs and lead times as a result of the flood of orders caused by GreenON. It seems certain that many orders received quoting the rebate will not be able to be filled by Aug. 31.

Jason Neal, executive director of SAWDAC, comments: “It was great while it lasted for both consumers and window dealers! It has put Window Wise at the forefront of industry standards on proper window installation techniques and how important it is. We look forward to working with other programs like this in the future!”

Phil Lewin of Gem Windows, a vocal critic of the program since its inception, comments: “I am glad that the PC government is being proactive in regard to GreenON because it is (or was) a badly executed program. However, of all the products being cancelled, only windows are custom made. It needs a longer end time than the rest of the items listed. The program had ruined production times because of the sudden jump in brickmoulds and triple glass. Homeowners have orders in place from manufacturers that will be 12 weeks or more in production. These are custom products and they have signed a contract and, under this cancellation notice, they will not get the expected rebate. If I was a homeowner in this circumstance, I would be calling my MPP and blasting them for this. Why not have a few weeks for dealers to register signed contracts with complete details of what has been ordered?”


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