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March 7, 2017  By Fenestration Review

Hardware makes fenestration innovation possible. Here’s our look at some great new offerings.

Can handle triples
AmesburyTruth’s High Performance Casement Hinge is capable of supporting a 140-pound sash, which means manufacturers can now build operable windows that can meet today’s new energy efficient requirements. With a built-in roller to reduce friction during operation providing smoother action even under maximum load, this “super shoe” is able to withstand up to 240 pounds of pull-out force in open position and also acts as a shipping block to help protect the hinge from damage during shipping and handling.Available in stainless steel, the 300 Series helps provide corrosion protection for the demanding environment in coastal applications.The larger adjustable brass stud features more adjustability than AmesburyTruth’s standard hinges. Nearly 1/8th-inch of adjustability of the sash helps to ensure a consistent reveal and optimum weather seal while helping to reduce sash drag.

The hardware system with conventional stop technology
Seigenia’s Titan AF’s conventional stop technology is a logical extension of the Titan family, featuring increased efficiency and optimised logistics, tangible technical benefits and an attractive design. In terms of security, the Titan AF can be upgraded to resistance class RC3 in all allowed window sizes. Since no additional measuring and cutting is required for the resistance classes up to RC2, the manufacturing process is sped up considerably. Titan AF is suitable for timber, timber-aluminium and plastic windows. Almost all opening types such as rectangular, arched head, rounded head, and angled head windows can be installed as single and double-sash windows. Conventional stops make it possible to use existing machine technology. Stopping time is reduced thanks to a number of product improvement. High-quality materials add to workability and high functionality. Window elements are available with up to resistance class RC3 and simple assembly of hardware and window elements. Surface-mounted or concealed hinge sides are also available. Titan AF can be an excellent offering for retrofit direct to home owners, or as an element in custom designs.

New heavy duty hardware
At BAU 2017, Roto Frank presented a diverse range of aluminum sliding window and door hardware solutions, including some for extremely heavy sashes, as well as tightly sealed, barrier-free and extremely convenient systems. Roto provided an insight into the diversity of the Roto Patio hardware product range, including the new Roto Patio Alversa parallel and tilt-and-slide system, which will be available in spring 2017. The Roto Patio aluminum balcony door product range now includes parallel sliding, fold-and-slide system hardware solutions as well as the tilt, lift and slide opening types. This enables window fabricators to use the product ranges to design systems based on individual planner and builder requests. Roto specialists were on hand at the event to provide advice on the selection of components that guarantee the desired level of convenience and security.


Balancing the big stuff
The Ultra-Lift Extreme from Caldwell is a .75-inch diameter hybrid balance ideal for heavier window sash applications. Pre-tensioned so that it optimally operates the heavier window sash with a manageable effort, sash weight can range from 81 to 130 pounds.

Engineered for Performance
Optima dual-arm operators from Ashland come in premium coastal- grade stainless steel as standard – no red rust, no paint on the steel components to wear off, chip, peel or scratch Featuring smooth, low-wear joint connections, Optima can cuts SKUs virtually in half versus having a special coastal program. The stainless parts are factory-friendly for bulk handling. The watertight unique O-ring wseal technology holds back four times more water than others to help maximize DP ratings Pre-installed gaskets visibly seal all frame and operator gaps for maximum protection. Optima operators are AAMA 901-10 cycle tested  to commercial grade and pass the commercial hardware load test on 36-  by  80-inch, 119-pound windows. They are tested to DP70 in both impact and non-impact markets. Longer visual nesting cranks provide up to 15 per cent greater mechanical advantage for operation.

Developed for manufacturing, the pre-installed frame gasket saves time in the factory with easy plug-and-play with industry standard route sizes and locations. The operator snaps into place, ready for screw mounting and aids for operator alignment. The same base platform accepts several options of visual design and finish colour, reducing SKU’s and complexity. The casement sash brackets are available with and without self-locating features Designed for style, the Optima folds down flush. Nesting visuals are available as standard. Removable visuals reduce inventory costs and allow for easy finish change later. The composite base has clean lines to look good on elevated window applications. Available in two distinct styles and all popular plated and powder coated finishes, the longer nesting cranks are centered with covers for a balanced appearances.

High quality tilt/turn
Hoppe North America has introduced Arrone tilt and turn hardware. Arrone systems offer quality locking solutions for wood and vinyl windows. Two distinct positions for ventilation set Arrone windows apart from conventional casement hardware. The product range also allows for high performance turn and tilt, tilt first, turn only, hopper/awning and French windows. Fabricators can select from multiple styles of Hoppe window handles, including the Dallas Series, for the
finishing touch.

Reduced operating forces
John Evans Sons has introduced the DI Series constant force balance system for 1/2- and 3/4-inch window systems. Available at a lower price, the DI system significantly reduces operation forces and offers fabricators a chance to reduce on-hand inventory with smaller space requirements. With an advanced design, these AAMA 902-07-qualified springs allow for quieter and tighter-fittings sashes comprising world-class tilt window systems.

Contemporary look
Inspired by the beauty of the New Zealand environment, the Crest Window Fastener range from Interlock Assa Abloy provides a stylish and contemporary new look to complement modern aluminium joinery. The Crest Window Fastener range comes in three designs to meet all awning or casement window requirements. The high profile fastener is suitable for windows in a range of applications, while the low profile fastener suits a sliding door bypass situation. With two offset opposing tongues, the venting fastener provides optional ventilation. The Crest range of furniture adds a cohesive appearance to the hardware on all doors and windows in the home. Suitable for residential, architectural and designer thermal suites, the Crest can be used on either casement or awning windows. New Zealand designed and made, the Crest features concealed fixing, a wedgeless design, a face fixing fastener, a quality friction joint with proven durability and high quality powdercoated zinc die-cast components with an integrated colour-matched nylon wedge.

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