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March 5, 2019  By Fenestration Staff

What’s new, what’s cool in window and door hardware technology.

Automatic re-latch
AmesburyTruth has engineered, patented and manufactured a releasable limit device for residential windows. The SafeGard 2R has been developed to meet the ASTM F2090 safety requirements code for self-resetting, egress-capable, fall prevention devices.  This product limits the opening of the window to less than four inches, however it can be released in case of an emergency to achieve egress or for cleaning purposes. By code, dual-action release mechanisms are required to open the window fully for egress. This operation can be performed without the use of keys, tools, or special knowledge. SafeGard 2R will automatically re-latch when the window is fully closed. In addition to the safety provided by limiting the sash opening, SafeGard 2R is easy to install in the factory and can be adjusted inside the home after window installation. The unit is fully concealed when the window is in closed position and does not interfere with the operation or performance of the window. SafeGard 2R can be used on casement, awning and hopper windows and is also available for commercial applications.

Fentro Technologies is offering high performing, superior-quality hardware for manufacturing facilities from Siegenia Hardware. Featuring the Titan AF series, this modern hardware system has undergone diverse product enhancements. It allows for flexible integration into existing production processes and reduces installation time, thereby opening up significant opportunities for saving costs to fabricators. Moreover, the Titan Silver Finish has been certified as Class Five (by IFT Rosenheim) for corrosion protection, having been subjected to more than 480 hours of spray test conditions. Using only high-quality materials, Siegenia Hardware provides efficient workability and maximum functionality while offering extensive design options for more individual room comfort. With superior functionality and performance, Siegenia meets the main hardware requirements of every manufacturer of tilt-and-turn window and door systems. In addition to Siegenia hardware, Fentro Technologies offers window and door handles, accessories and ancillary products made by world-renowned European manufacturers including Hoppe handles, CES locking systems, Wemaro specialized tools, PHI shims and blocks and Spax screws.

Secure locking action
The latest design option within Interlock’s expertly engineered Nova casement and awning hardware is the Vesta casement furniture series, where high performance meets high style. Combining sleek esthetics and clean lines with flexibility and ergonomic operation offered in all of Interlock’s casement operating and locking systems, the Vesta casement cover, handle and lock provide a modern casement hardware solution to fit today’s architectural and interior design demands. The snap-on handle and cover offers styling flexibility and minimized inventory cost, while special packaging helps prevent transit and job site damage with convenient post-construction installation. The Vesta casement lock handle offers a flush profile to eliminate interference with blinds and window treatments.  The non-handled design is available in single- or multi-point configurations allowing for 48 millimeters of lock bar travel to provide secure progressive locking action.


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