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Innotech Windows + Doors introduces passive house certified windows

October 25, 2018  By Innotech

Oct. 25, 2018 – Innotech Windows + Doors introduces its highest performing window system to date. The new Defender 88PH System is a Passive House Institute (PHI) certified component – a distinguished recognition by the world’s most rigorous energy-based building standard.

Founded in 2001, Innotech Windows + Doors is recognized by progressive industry leaders as a window and door manufacturer of choice for performance-driven single family, multi-family and commercial projects in the Pacific Northwest. “Throughout our history, we’ve had the pleasure to work with building professionals who prioritize energy-efficiency and durability,” says Troy Imbery, president of Innotech Windows + Doors. “In the last five years, we have witnessed a significant shift in the industry where more and more building professionals are raising the bar.”

The new Defender 88PH System is a natural evolution in the company’s proven history of manufacturing high-performance windows and doors. The PHI-certified window system delivers outstanding thermal insulation, superior air, water and sound resistance, and proven durability. Locally manufactured, the Defender 88PH System is also engineered and tested specifically for North American projects – an exciting advantage for building professionals who rely on imported windows to achieve the Passive House Standard.

Buildings designed and built to the Passive House Standard require very little energy to maintain a constant, pleasant temperature in all seasons. As a result, not only are Passive House buildings more comfortable for the occupants, but they also consume up to 90 percent less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings.


Last year, the province of British Columbia adopted the BC Energy Step Code which puts the entire province on an exciting path for all new construction to be net-zero energy ready by the year 2032. The Passive House Standard is one path building professionals can adopt to satisfying the performance requirements of the highest step in the BC Energy Step Code.

“We’re very excited to offer our clients a range of window and door systems to help them meet the performance requirements of the various steps of the BC Energy Step Code, including step five” says Imbery. The Defender 88PH System joins an already impressive product line-up that includes the Defender 76DS System and the Defender 76TS System, the later being a Passive House suitable component. The range of systems offers building professionals the flexibility to choose the appropriate windows and doors to meet the performance requirements for their projects – whether code mandated or voluntary.

The Defender 88PH System will first be introduced at the sold-out Passive House Canada Conference in Vancouver on November 7-8, 2018. Innotech will begin manufacturing the system in January 2019.

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