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Lean at FenCon19 – Take a fresh look at your process

December 31, 2018  By Al Dueck Duxton Windows and Doors

“Our competitiveness demands we exploit Lean because it is the foundation for the advanced manufacturing technology to come.” – David Hogg, ATJ Insights, FenCon19 presenter. FenCon 19 has developed a short but intense window and door manufacturing conference that is even more focused on Lean (Continuous Improvement) with even more highly qualified and knowledgeable/experienced speakers.  Let’s just take a quick look at some of the highlights in what a driven manufacturing expert will encounter.

Key Takeaway Expectations:

  •                 “LEAN Specific” training and learning opportunities for production staff, senior managers and owners
  •                 Specific ideas on how to implement your successful LEAN program
  •                 Latest LEAN concepts that have proven to be successful in manufacturing settings
  •                 Specifics on how to KEEP LEAN fresh and growing
  •                 Inspiration that will make you WANT TO get started/accelerate your LEAN journey
  •                 Interaction/contacts with window manufacturing people with LEAN experience

Dave Hogg, a very experienced LEAN practitioner, educator and writer, will be leading one of the workshops as well as supporting Ian Marshall, CME LEAN educator, with a seminar.  Warren Peters, CME LEAN trainer, will be providing insights into the impact of Toyota’s “kata” with the support of hands on practitioner, Steve Derksen, Barkman Concrete during the other workshop.  Vern Campbell, University of Manitoba, will be delivering a session on operational excellence.  AND, the noon keynote speaker, Billy Taylor, a LEAN practitioner with hands on business experience, will be focusing his address on the “human element” – the key unlocking the potential from a systematic application of LEAN principles from beginning to end.  There are still a few additional program elements to be fine-tuned with a focus on Continuous Improvement.  AND, perhaps the single biggest benefit is the opportunity to spend time with people from the same industry as well as real CI experts and really learn about the actual implementation and unlocking of CI.  And just to “spice it up”, we’ll add a free copy of the book –The Lean Strategyby the team of Balle/Jones/Chaize/Fiume.  This book is highly recommended by a very knowledgeable practitioner and leader, the very same Dave Hogg.  (Learn a little more about his thoughts athttp://acceleratingthejourney.blog).  “This important book goes beyond teaching the lean tools that have been widely embraced today and reveals the complete – and revolutionary – lean strategy.” James P Womack.  We’ll let Dave Hogg have the final word,“Competing in the global marketplace demands a commitment to LEAN.  It’s the foundation for all winning technologies.”  

We truly believe that FenCon19 will deliver an outstanding conference with value include numerous highly informative, insightful and cutting-edge speakers on a number of topics.  However, perhaps the single biggest benefit will be the opportunity  – in a world of accelerating change – to meet and engage like minded people and ensure you business is not left behind but rather becomes or remains a forward leaning and successful enterprise!



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