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NRCan considers labeling manufactured fenestration products

May 17, 2024  By Macenzie Rebelo

Screenshot of Fenestration Canada's website.Fenestration Canada's website/Fenestration Canada.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is considering labeling and reporting requirement for manufactured fenestration products. This could potentially mean windows and doors could not be manufactured in one province and sold in another without a federally approved label.

According to the government of Canada, “For proposed amendments, there may be business impacts on manufacturers, importers, and distributors of these products as the amendments will prevent the importation into Canada or shipment across provinces of regulated products that do not meet prescribed efficiency levels for sale or lease. The “One-for-One” Rule and/or the small business lens may apply. Consumers and businesses are expected to save money by purchasing products that are more efficient.”

Adam Buist from NRCan will be in attendance Fenestration Canada 2024 spring conference and presenting on the NRC 2024-2026 Forward Regulatory Plan.


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1 Comment » for NRCan considers labeling manufactured fenestration products
  1. Avatar photo Fred D. Fulton says:

    Why doesn’t NRCan take a rest, just this once? It’s hard enough being a manufacturer (of anything) in Canada, re high taxes, world-leading regulations, death to enterprise via green initiatives, and with these proposed next measures: the Government proactively making it even harder for Canadian companies to compete. We’re competing against windows arriving from across the globe — from countries with horrible wages, working conditions, maybe slave labour. Through regulations such as these, NRCan is making itself more “relevant” to Canadians, to NRCan’s greater glory and that of their employees. Like with bike-lanes: will the Government ever stop ruining Canada by pretending to make it better?

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