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Quebec window and door industry ordered to shut down

March 24, 2020  By Patrick Flannery

The Quebec provincial government has released its list of essential services that will be allowed to remain open. All other businesses must cease operations until April 13, except for those that can be accomplished from employee’s homes. The list does not appear to include most regular fabrication, delivery and installation of windows and doors.

“Construction, maintenance and the maintenance of essential activities related to public and private infrastructure that may pose a threat to public health and safety (private dams, the management of hazardous and radioactive materials, and so on);” could potentially include installation of windows and doors on critical buildings. No other construction activities relevant to fenestration appear on the list.

“The production of inputs necessary for priority sectors” could conceivably include window and door fabrication for use in critical construction projects.

Under manufacturing, the list includes: “industrial complexes, especially the aluminum sector, and mining complexes must reduce to a minimum their activities.” Whether fenestration manufacturing counts as an “industrial complex” is unclear.


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