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Rangate bridges gap for North American visitors to Europe

March 4, 2016  By Rangate

March 4, 2016 – The stage is set for the 5th annual Rangate Euro Tour, which takes place from March 9-19, 2016. More than twenty North American solid wood window and door makers will travel to over ten European production factories across four countries. Their journey concludes at Fensterbau, one of the world’s largest window  and door exhibitions. The TOUR provides a unique opportunity to bridge the gaps between North American and European fenestration knowledge, and connect with the people and technologies that power a growing market.

Starting with knowledge, this TOUR gives an intimate look at how European window and door shops are run. Attendees can go in depth on any of their interests, from machines and tools to joinery skills and techniques and material flows. High-performance fenestration investigation isn’t just limited to the shops- attendees experience it for themselves while staying in an Italian Passive House-certified hotel featuring top-performing solid wood windows and doors.
The value of the Euro Tour is not limited to the shop visits; it is experienced in what happens in between. Putting twenty woodworkers who are passionate about their craft together on a 10-day journey inevitably leads to some special connections being built- both personally and professionally.
“Our TOUR is about combining the best of both worlds between North America and Europe”, said Rangate’s Principal, Greg Godbout.”The most interesting and satisfying result we’ve seen grow from the TOUR has been when attendees end up staying in touch and collaborating on new projects with each other after they return home. They’ve made new friends.”
Many attendees incorporate newly observed shop flows and simple equipment insights into their own shops. Coupled with European time-tested practices, North American ingenuity creates a transatlantic fusion that leads to wood window and door innovations across the U.S. and Canada.
North American woodworkers visiting Germany during the week of Fensterbau are invited to connect with the TOUR. In addition, Rangate can offer travel support to North American visitors before and while traveling abroad. To learn about Rangate’s North American events in Europe or get travel help, contact the TOUR team, Chris Chan, at chris@rangate.com.

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