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The Vinyl Council of Canada launches ‘Vinyl is Beautiful’ campaign

July 24, 2015  By The Vinyl Council of Canada

July 24, 2015 – The Vinyl Council of Canada has teamed up with Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property, to launch their new ‘Vinyl is Beautiful’ Campaign aimed at drawing attention to the innovative and versatile features of vinyl. Similar to McGillivray’s philosophy when choosing renovation product solutions, this campaign primarily focuses on the benefits of choosing vinyl products for long term return on investment. From function to esthetics, vinyl solutions continue to advance with new technologies that closely replicate typical renovation materials yet provide the added benefits of durability, practicality, safety, and flexibility. Today, vinyl is positioned as the material of choice for many proud homeowners!

The website www.vinylisbeautiful.com provides a go-to hub of information and inspiration for everyone interested in familiarizing themselves with the multifaceted world of vinyl.

About Scott McGillivray
Scott McGillivray is the host of the popular home renovation show, Income Property. McGillivray’s passion lies in educating homeowners to make smart renovation and investment decisions that deliver financial rewards, making him the ideal spokesman for the ‘Vinyl is Beautiful’ Campaign. McGillivray is a highly respected renovation and real estate investment expert who is influential in the home and construction sectors. He will promote vinyl as a practical and innovative lifestyle material to a wide audience and exponentially expand the awareness efforts of the Vinyl Council of Canada.

Vinyl is the New Black
Much like the classic tuxedo or little black dress, vinyl is sleek, sophisticated and a must-have because it is the perfect balance of function and beauty. You can splurge on vinyl without feeling guilty or frivolous and because vinyl comes in so many shapes, colours and sizes, it is the ideal design material. From small renovations to major home overhauls, vinyl meets the requirements of today’s interior designers and contractors. They choose vinyl because it is the best choice for your home! Vinyl is durable, dependable, and takes care of itself so that you can take care of yourself and the people and things in your life that matter most.


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