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Weiser introduces SmartCode 10 Touch

October 9, 2015  By Weiser

Oct. 9 2015 – Weiser’s SmartCode 10 Touchscreen offers the latest innovation in security directly to homeowners. SmartCode Touch is a keyless, touchscreen deadbolt and the newest product to offer Weiser’s patent-pending SecureScreen technology to consumers.

SecureScreen technology helps prevent the problem of “smudge” attacks associated with touchscreen locks. With typical touchscreen locks, passcodes can potentially be jeopardized by unwanted guests detecting frequently used numbers and characters from the oily residues left by fingers on the touchscreen surface. With SecureScreen technology, users are prompted to touch two random numbers in order to display the full screen and enter the programmed access code. This industry-first technology encourages continuous use of the full screen to mask the correct access code.

“Weiser continues to lead the electronic lock space by manufacturing products like SmartCode Touch that pairs cutting edge technology with the best security for the home,” said Steve Kolobaric, Marketing Manager at Weiser. “SmartCode Touch offers consumers the full package – industry-first technology and unmatched security housed in a very attractive product.”

A lock to make your car jealous
SmartCode Touch is more than just the home’s first line of security. The deadbolt, which is designed to meet homeowner demand for new and innovative technology, features a sleek touchscreen design with capacitive touch technology. The white LED display provides crisp, high-definition illumination, even in bright daylight while a reduced interior increases aesthetic appeal. The advanced design of SmartCode Touch pairs cutting-edge technology with the best security for the home, making this lock the new status symbol.

Easy, do-it-yourself installation and programming
SmartCode Touch installs in minutes with no hardwiring required – a Phillips head screwdriver, four AA batteries and a ruler are all that’s needed to install the deadbolt. SmartCode Touch is manufactured to fit standard doors and replace existing deadbolts. The deadbolt is easy to program with up to 16 user codes that homeowners can assign to family members or temporary guests then delete at any time to revoke access. The deadbolt features a master code that prevents unauthorized users from adding or deleting user codes for extra security.

SmartCode 10 Touch:

  • Reduced interior size: SmartCode Touch is part of the SmartCode second-generation platform that has a dramatically reduced interior size with an increased aesthetic appeal
  • Stronger and more secure: SmartCode Touch is also BHMA Grade 2 certified, designed with an all-metal, tamper-proof interior for added security
  • Responsiveness: SmartCode touchscreen features an intuitive user interface that senses contact quickly for fast code entry and unlocking
  • Trusted security: Beyond the trusted security of SecureScreen, SmartCode Touch is equipped with Weiser’s SmartKey cylinder to prevent lock bumping and making thedeadbolt nearly impossible to pick
  • Reliability: SmartCode Touch operates on four AA batteries and will last approximately one year under normal use; homeowners have peace of mind knowing a traditional key can be used to unlock the deadbolt should batteries run out
  • One-touch locking: Easy and simple, one-touch locking is an added convenience to homeowners

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