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Weiser unveils keyway-less touchscreen lock

July 7, 2016  By Weiser

July 7, 2016 – Weiser has unveiled its first keyway-less touchscreen deadbolt.

 The sleek, low-profiletouchscreen is the centerpiece of several new residential door locks being introduced to Canada this year.
Eliminating the keyway has allowed Weiser to create a visually striking, cutting-edge touchscreen deadbolt that elevates the design and security of residential door locks by merging a sleek and modern exterior, a small all-metal interior, and advanced mechanical and electronic security features. The removal of the keyway also takes away the threat of “lock-picking” and “lock bumping.”
In the unlikely event the four AA batteries run out of power, backup power can be supplied via a 9V battery.
The keyway-less touchscreen will be launching with the new Z-Wave 500 Series chip, which comes with a number of enhancements including increased wireless range and robustwireless encryption. All of the newly designed Weiser Home Connect productsbeing released in Canada will feature the new Z-Wave 500 Series chip.
“The introduction of our new keyway-less touchscreen lock makes a strong statement about Weiser’s commitment to security as well as modern design,” said Steve Kolobaric, Marketing Manager at Weiser. “Although we already offer the most secure and visually appealing locks on the market, we are always looking for ways to innovate in both areas. The new low-profile touchscreen delivers a sleek, modern lock with technologically advanced residential protection that will be a ‘game changer.’”
Capitalizing on the success of the SmartCode 10, Weiser’s first touchscreen lock, the newZ-Wave-based keyway-less touchscreen features a very responsive, capacitivetouchscreen for keyless entry. The screen senses contact quickly for fast code entry, and will auto-detect a correct code and quickly unlock.
The cool white LED display delivers crisp, high-definition LED illumination, and a dedicated lock button provides the user with convenient and fast one-touch locking.
In addition to the keyway-less touchscreen, Weiser will be releasing more products this year that utilize advanced technology, including:

  • Z-Wave Smart Lock Conversion Kit, which will convert mechanical deadbolts – even non-Weiser brands – into connected smart locks.
  • New 5-Button Deadbolt, featuring a new modern design, dedicated 1-touch locking, and an all-metal,class leading interior.
  • Contemporary SmartCode 10 and SmartCode 10 Touchscreen, modern, contemporary versions of the popular traditional-style deadbolts.

All five products will be available by the end of 2016.

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