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WinDoor moved online

July 2, 2020  By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Fenestration Canada president Terry Adamson has announced that WinDoor 2020. which was scheduled to take place on Nov. 18 to 19 at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, will no longer be a face-to-face event. The announcement follows on the heels of a successful online Spring Conference with great turnout. It saw double the attendance and more. The decision to move WinDoor online was not made lightly. With Covid-19 expected to be a part of everyone’s lives for the forseeable future, it would be difficult to guarantee regular attendance and good return on investment for exhibitors. Replicating the success of the Spring Conference, FenCan expects more participation for the online WinDoor event, if not double the live tradeshow. Marketplace by WinDoor will be replacing the regular live event this year. With no travel costs, exhibitors will have the opportunity to redistribute the money they planned to spend for the live event. The funds could be used for promotional materials such as videos and brochures. FenCan shared the outline for Marketplace by WinDoor and the opportunities for sponsorship and promotion it has to offer. The landing page of Marketplace is the proposed entry-point for all attendees of the event. This page comes with the opportunity for sponsorships. Attendees will then move on to the “lobby” page of the online venue. This page will also allow exhibitors and sponsors to advertise and put up their promotional material. As with any live trade show, the online event platform will feature an “exhibit hall.” All exhibitor booths will be stationed here. Webinars and panel discussions will be hosted in the virtual rooms of the “hall.” Attendees can simply click on the booths of their choice and browse through. With no physical limitations on space, every exhibitor will have the opportunity to explore and exploit the platform to their greatest advantage. They can opt for live and/or pre-recorded sessions. The booths may be used to display brochures, video content and even for product showcases. Visitors will be able to connect to the exhibitors through live video chats and live text chats. In case the exhibitor is not online during the event or the attendee wishes to connect at a later date, the booths will have email addresses and the option to book an appointment. FenCan has envisioned Marketplace as an ongoing opportunity instead of a week-long event. The association expects heightened traffic during the week-long event in November. However, the online platform with the exhibitor booths will remain in place for a year. During this period, exhibitors can modify and add content as and when they choose to. To keep a continuous inflow to this platform, FenCan plans on hosting live events once or twice a month throughout the year. Booths can be customized to the exhibitors specifications. FenCan will help early adopters to not only build the booths but update them throughout the year as well. Exhibitors can also stay in touch with attendees in addition to their event presence with a social media takeover for promotions and interactions with FenCan members. Social events, trivia night and awards night will have the scope for additional sponsorships. FenCan plans on having further discussions with exhibitors who wish to have an even bigger presence at the event. Registrants at fenestrationcanada.ca will receive a link that will connect them to the event using freely available web-based software. Registration is open to FenCan members and non-members alike.

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