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Windoor Preview Fall 2019

WinDoor 2019 is your chance to browse the latest supplies and technology. Here’s a sneak peek.

October 16, 2019  By Glass Canada Staff

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find on the floor at WinDoor.

Painting made easy
Booth 317
AquaSurTech continues to evolve its product offering with the introduction of its exclusive adjustable lineal painting tables. These painting tables are designed to travel with the lineal throughout the cleaning and coating process for less handling and easier throughput. Features include a hydraulic lift system for an adjustable height of 36 inches; foldable legs for convenient storage; and removable spokes for easy cleaning. The table’s dimensions are 15 feet long by 3.28 feet wide by 30 inches high.

Twice as fast
Booth 155
The Erdman high-speed Dura line produces insulating glass vertically in a fashion that nearly doubles the speed of traditional vertical lines. The Dura line is an innovation in vertical automation for the single-seal IG market. Vertical production eliminates the need to tip a unit up to four times in the production sequence. This saves time, eliminates injury potential, qualifies more operators for service and minimizes breakage. Total labour for the Dura high-speed line is three to four operators to manufacture 1,200 or more units per shift. With speed comes other innovations and benefits such as reduced floor space; reduced labour; and higher quality product.

Protect your products
Booth 313
Avoid costly product returns caused by damage with a faster and more efficient way to protect doors and windows. Since 1992, LM Packaging has developed new ways of protecting fenestration products. Fabricators save time and money, and are even able to move employees from packaging stations to the production line. LM solutions include innovative brick moulding protection and door protection that offers free publicity while avoiding temporary door management (our most popular item for doors). LM will also display a U-thermos that has been designed specially for thermos (and nothing else) and many other cardboard products.


Latch-free locking
Booth 378
This recent innovation from Radisson re-invents and revolutionizes the locking system for casement and awning windows. Gone are the days of using the latch to lock the window. Now the locking and opening mechanisms are both integrated into the operator. The Phantom operator completely eliminates the need for traditional locking handles that are usually located on the frame. It delivers a minimalist contemporary look without any interference with blinds or curtains. It reduces tooling costs, enabling fabricators to save time and money by removing the need for a locking handle cutout and installation. Two-inch lock travel achives the maximum “zipper effect” and smoothness of operation helping products to meet ADA regulations. The Phantom operator is available in the same sizes and configurations as mechanisms previously used in the market.

Tried-and-true solutions
Booth 368
Lothar’s Industrial Sales is Ontario’s exclusive distributor for Weiss products. It will be showcasing an exciting lineup of adhesives, sealants and cleaners at WinDoor. These made-in-Germany products have been used throughout Europe for over 200 years. They offer solutions to many challenges facing the window and door industry. Weiss also offers thermally insulated composite panels for widening profiles (frame widening), for substructure (lifting and sliding doors), or for window connection sections in window construction. Composite door panels are also available.

Intelligent ERP
Booth 140
FeneTech will be exhibiting its latest release, FeneVision Ultimate ERP software for glass fabricators and window and door manufacturers. FeneVision Ultimate includes web- and client-based quotation and order handling; pricing and costing; the dynamic creation of BOM’s; capacity planning; production scheduling; dynamic/batch glass cutting optimization; lineal optimization; tracking control; FeneVision Delivery; invoicing; Return Merchandise Authorization; CRM; and reporting through FeneVision BI. Additionally, FeneTech will exhibit its latest initiative, FenML (Fenestration Manufacturing Language): a baseline standard of communication that allows fenestration stakeholders to “speak” the same language. FenML combines data from the user’s ERP system directly with machines on the shop floor. With FenML, users can leverage historical data to make automatic decisions during production planning; trigger maintenance actions based on sensor values; and use data collected to better plan for maintenance.

Climate-friendly construction
Booth 375
The Passive House Standard is recognized internationally as a proven way to build for comfort, affordability and energy efficiency. It can be defined as a way of designing buildings to achieve exceptional energy efficiency and superior thermal comfort. It is applicable to almost any building type, from single family houses to larger constructions like high schools or hospitals. By following the Passive House standard, heating and cooling energy can be reduced by 90 per cent and total energy consumption is often 50 per cent less than average. Passive House buildings are not as expensive as some may think. Initial costs may be marginally higher, but savings will be made in the long term as maintenance and energy costs are significantly reduced. Besides the ecological and financial benefits of Passive House buildings, occupants will experience a healthy and quiet environment to live in throughout the changing seasons. Today, this standard is the most ambitious in the building industry to
address climate change and design better buildings. High-performance buildings play a big role in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Through collaborative learning, Passive House Canada  provides a full curriculum of Passive House certification courses aimed at design and construction professionals, policymakers and interested homeowners in many cities across the country.

New looks
Booth 345
Renolit has introduced new Renolit IN woodgrains: Seasoned Oak and Elegant Cherry. Seasoned Oak is best described as rustic modern. While these are seemingly mutually exclusive terms, the perception will depend on the beholder. Some people will see a highly realistic, modern design concept that helps connect them to casual relaxation and a connection to nature. Others may see a timeless rustic appearance that takes them back to simpler times. Everyone will see a design and colour that is neutral and coordinates with interior decor from farmhouse to city loft. Elegant Cherry is a must-have colour for today’s window market, complimenting various interior decors from rustic flooring to grey-toned furniture and cabinets, with one foot squarely in the traditional realm and the other just as clearly at home in contemporary design. Performance counts, which is why all Renolit IN films include scratch-resistant ultraviolet-cured coatings.  Both colours are now currently available in the New Jersey office.

A minimal design with endless opportunities.
Booth 109
ODL Canada announces Zeel, a sleek, versatile frame designed to be stained or painted that blends seamlessly into the entry door, allowing the doorglass to take center stage. This clean, low-profile look offers an alternative to flush-glazed doors that provides the benefits of a frame system with the style homeowners desire.

See it in action
Booth 269
The Ködispace 4SG reactive thermoplastic warm edge spacer from H.B. Fuller offers unlimited IG unit shapes and design, excellent thermal performance and maximum gas tightness. As a permanently flexible spacer, its high elasticity and chemical bonding result in better mechanical performance during environmental changes. During expansion and compression cycling of the 4SG unit, stress is extended over the full spacer width and not concentrated only on the edges. This improves gas tightness and energy efficiency. The product is in action at the H.B. Fuller facility in St. Paul. The newly installed Window COE is equipped to produce reactive thermoplastic spacer, intercept and traditional box spacer insulating glass units with a variety of sealant options. The collaborative space is not only for R&D but also so that customers can generate IG units, try new processing conditions and compare different systems.  Customers are invited to schedule a visit to see the reactive Kodispace 4SG line in action.

Stronger composite
Booth 271
Endura Products has introduced FrameSaver FusionFrame. FusionFrame is unlike other maintenance-free composite door frames, delivering benefits that put common issues to rest. FusionFrame is a composite frame system that has the strength to install like a standard wood frame system and remain straight with minimal shimming required. It features depth-adjustable brickmould and a built-in bubble level to help overcome common challenges and deliver a better installation. The removable jamb stop and brickmould covers hide fasteners without any additional repair work or plug covers, delivering a truly prefinished frame. FusionFrame offers two unique rippable frame widths, for jamb depths ranging from 4 9/16 to 8 9/16 inches without any special repair, gluing or sanding. It also offers a variety of brickmould options, one-piece mull designs, spread mull capabilities, transom sill solutions and other designs to offer profile interchangeability within one product to fit every application. FusionFrame changes what’s possible with acomposite frame system and gives fabricators the strength of a standard wood frame, a completelyprefinished look and the product versatility to build what’s needed in one innovative solution.

Contemporary look
Booth 145
The new RotoFasco Secura 9600 sliding patio door handle features a contemporary look for an entry-level handle. The one-piece design allows for ease of installation and the handle offers a matching exterior design, with or without a keyed option. The 9600 handle is available in a variety powder coat finishes including white, black, faux ORB, and almond. The handle is offered with Roto’s single-point or two-point mortise locks. To complement the 9600 and the mortise locks, RotoFasco Secura offers a variety of rollers to enhance the functionality of the sliding patio door.

Injection-moulded durability
Booth 219
Elton Manufacturing will display the 2248 three-quarter vented door lite, part of its well-established collection of high-quality venting units and residential entry door products. The addition of the 2248 three-quarter vented door lite gives customers and trade partners access to a full line of venting units in a wide array of standard sizes and glass options. Key features of the 2248 vented unit include a constant force balance sash for ease of operation and a large open area for ventilation. This well-designed vented insert comes with a contemporary injection-moulded frame that will not fade in the sun and includes a high-heat foam caulking rated to 240 Fahrenheit for a secure fit and finish. Celebrating over 34 years of business, Elton Manufacturing continues to grow through its commitment to deliver innovative quality products with superior service. WinDoor visitors can get coomplete information about Elton’s entire line of quality residential entry door products, including a wide selection of both traditional and contemporary injection-moulded, PVC and aluminum door lite frames. Recent additions to the Elton product line include a full line of laminated wood profiles in two distinct finishes. With all production completed in Elton’s own facilities, quality control is maintained and customer service maximized.

Faster, stronger and more productive
Booth 159
Achieve outstanding IG sealant performance with Edgetherm 3600, an active single-part, hot-melt butyl sealant from Quanex Building Products that offers superior performance, productivity and durability over comparable technologies. Formulated with I-Boost, an exclusive new technology from adhesive company Bostik, Edgetherm 3600 is the newest member of Quanex’s Edgetherm family of IG sealants. As a hot-melt butyl, 100-per cent solid sealing system, it is suited to the highest application speeds with outstanding mechanical performance and thermal resistance. Edgetherm 3600 makes it easy to produce more robust and durable units at the highest application speeds, with no curing time and shorter skinning time Manufacturers can realize boosted performance, including a 30 per cent gain in tensile properties and a 40 per cent higher softening point over comparable sealants; boosted productivity, with 30 per cent faster application on high-speed lines and 25 per cent faster structuring than comparable sealants; and boosted durability, showing 30 per cent improved moisture-penetration resistance and four times improved gas retention over competitive technologies. Edgetherm 3600 has passed initial testing for certification under ASTM 2190.

Booth 101
The Siegenia KFV multi-locking entry door gear is a handle- or key-operated three-latch lock for triple security. Modern multi-point locks do not only make doors more secure, more convenient and more intelligent, they also open up entirely new possibilities to develop new markets. The three-latch lock is equipped with the main lock latch as well as two sprung soft lock latches in order to fix the door sash three times in the frame by just closing it. This gives long-term protection against door warping and against unauthorised entry attempts, even when unlocked, by pushing the main lock latch back. After locking with the key, the massive hook bolt-latch combinations ensure maximum intruder resistance. The easily operated gear with powerful door tightening ensures an optimal seal as well as excellent heat and sound insulation with heavy push-pull pressure. Fabricator benefits include enhanced basic security; available combination with three e-openers; an optional, preassembled T2 safety lock; and suitablity for apartment doors, residential front doors and the commercial sector. User benefits include two additional latches in the auxiliary lock cases making it more difficult for an intruder to open the door by pushing the main lock latch back with a credit card. The combination of hook bolt and latch prevents intruders from breaking or prising the door open, delivering high burglar resistance class up to RC3. Three soft-lock latches protect the door against warping and the lock includes optimal sealing, thermal and sound insulation.

Fast glazing, low migration
Booth: 263
Novagard offers ultra-low-migration glazing sealant, it’s fastest single-component glazing product. It is designed to have ultra-low plasticizer migration, protecting other window components from attack and degradation. This product can be used for all glazing applications to ensure a long-lasting seal. Novagard also offers an ultra-low migration high-impact glazing sealant that is Miami Dade County Code-approved. This conforms to the new recommendations for insulating glass manufacturers on all impact window fabrication to ensure a long-lasting seal. This product has been approved as part of the system to obtain Miami-Dade and HVHZ approval for glazing applications. The products function as adhesive sealants, which develop a bond to most common substrates without the use of a primer. These non-corrosive, single-component silicones cure upon exposure to atmospheric moisture, thus forming a tough silicone seal that is superb for window fenestration. If production requires even higher performance, check out two-part Qwik Set glazing. Its flexible mix ratios allow fabricators to tailor product performance to meet their needs. It’s Novagard’s fastest glazing yet.

Consistent look
booth: 268
Modern styling meets innovation with AmesburyTruth’s Contemporary handle and cover for its Encore operator. The new handle and cover feature a sleek, straight-line design and are available in today’s darker more sophisticated colors. It was designed to fit all Encore operators and is available in plated and painted finishes. This product sets the standard for the Contemporary family of products, which includes the Maxim low profile lock, the new Contemporary lever operator, the Sentry 45.63 hinged door handle set, and the Signature 40.68, 40.69 and 40.70 sliding door handle sets. AmesburyTruth’s family of contemporary products provide a unified and modern look that can be carried throughout a home.

Impresses customers
Booth: 136
Windowmaker Software is back at WinDoor with a more prominent presence than ever with an extensive range of exciting products and features, powered by over 35 years of industry experience. Windowmaker will display yet another version of its sales and survey app, Windowmaker Measure. With Windowmaker Measure, sales staff can save time by recording and transferring digital measurements. They can generate professional quotations on-the-go and impress customers. The application is tailored to meet the requirements of all stakeholders. Fabricators can make the most effective use of it by publishing their e-catalogs. Dealers and homeowners can find products befitting their requirements, where they can further compare and place the order. Functions include automatic frame clearance, wind load calculations, design style selection and much more. Measure is simple to use, has a powerful interface and produces less paperwork.

Sticks to almost anything
Booth: 251
Adseal IG Series 4500 is an ultra-low migration, non-corrosive, 100-per-cent-oxy silicone adhesive sealant designed for back-bedding joints. It offers a good initial grip and fast drying. It can be used for window manufacturing as well as other industrial applications. It offers excellent adhesion on aluminum, glass, wood, some plastics (including PVC), several types of metals and several painted surfaces (validate with your technical representative). It is compatible with a wide variety of sealed glass units and rubber gaskets. It has excellent weatherability and provides excellent durability. Due to its rheological and non-sag characteristics, it can be applied above the head, as well as on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Adaptable patio screens
Booth: 171
Screenco has introduced the new, patented, Evolution Patio Screen Series. Evolution is a sleek, modern patio screen door design  with clean and a contemporary lines. Adaptable designs are available to compliment the individual fabricators’ patio door profile. Options include two- or three-inch profiles; 45- or 90-degree corners; flush-mount or external handles; different roller options; and bug sweeps. All Evolution designs come with an easily accessible wheel adjustment screw.

Creates a digital double
Booth: 225
Digital Product Solutions, part of the Veka Group, will demonstrate new digital technology for windows. WIN, short for window intelligence, introduces near-field communication to window and door products. This patent-pending system creates a digital double of the product through cloud computing and hand-held mobile devices. A web-based program called a web cockpit, interacts with the fabricator’s enterprise resource planning software to build a complete dossier of a window or door and tracks it throughout its life cycle. The product information is then accessed through mobile applications: WIN Passport, designed for the home owner/facility manager, and WIN Passport Pro, designed for professionals, installers and contractors. Available for iOS and Android Systems, the applications offer options for testing data, service, reporting or warranty claims, and more.

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    Hi guys, this is my experience with fiberglass painting and staining. I work for a fiberglass door manufacturer name Nova Doors and we use a water based product called TruCoat.Us for painting and staining our fiberglass doors. It is made specifically for fiberglass doors so it doesn’t require any special primers, is super durable and lays down really smoothly. Worth checking! We are super satisfied with it!

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