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Fenestration Canada launches major industry survey

February 12, 2024  By Patrick Flannery

Fenestration Canada has launched a large market-research survey designed to generate quality statistics on the window and door manufacturing industry in Canada. The survey would produce a report on key aspects of national and regional business conditions, including labour supply, home sales, housing starts, consumer confidence, units shipped, material breakdowns, market and production forecasts and manufacturer sentiment. Fenestration Canada has partnered with The Farnsworth Group to research and produce the report, which will be modeled on similar reports it has conducted for the U.S. Window and Door Manufacturers Association.

In a webinar announcing the survey, FenCan representatives explained the report is intended to address a long absence of comprehensive industry-specific data and provide a powerful tool for manufacturers and dealers seeking to understand their markets better.

FenCan has posted a public link to the survey on its website. There are two surveys, one for window and patio door producers and one for entry door producers. Any Canadian company manufacturing these products is eligible to participate whether members of Fenestration Canada or not. Survey participants receive a free copy of the report. Participant information shared in the report will be held in strict privacy by Farnsworth and not shared outside the research group, even with FenCan. Only aggregated statistics will become public. The report will be made available to non-participants for a fee, discounted for FenCan members. The cost has not been set yet, but the comparable WDMA report costs around $4,000 USD.

FenCan and Farnsworth are stressing that broad participation in the survey will be key to its success. “Producing these reports is not inexpensive,” FenCan technical director, Terry Adamson, said in the webinar. “Keep in mind that your membership dollars are helping to pay for this. So everyone should want to do the survey so we can create the best product possible.”


The survey will close March 14.


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