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Spotlight on sofware for window and door manufacturing and distribution

New information technology can take your plant and your showroom to new heights.

June 28, 2017  By Fenestration Staff Report

A case study in custom fenestration software development.

No hosting hassles
WTS Paradigm has announced the launch of its Web CenterPoint product. CenterPoint redesigns the selling experience, creating a product that makes quoting and ordering faster and easier. Web CenterPoint offers a reliable, scalable, cutting-edge configurator, designed with building products and branding in mind, as well as access to the data behind it all to help drive business decisions in the right direction. The intuitive workflow and sleek new UI are two significant differentiators for Web CenterPoint. There’s no need to worry about hosting because WTS Paradigm takes care of it all. Web CenterPoint is offered as a SaaS solution, so there’s no need to focus on buying, managing, and maintaining hardware. WTS Paradigm leverages reliable cloud technologies for a fast, secure, and trusted solution that can expand with business growth for years to come.  WTS Paradigm will manage the software, so IT teams and resources can do what they do best and not worry about supporting third-party quoting applications. Web CenterPoint is already in use with building materials manufacturers. It is now available for those that want to simplify the configuration process for complex products, reduce the number of errors connected with quoting, and free up resources associated with hosting and managing local solutions.

Monitor each workstation
FeneVision Core, FeneTech’s signature ERP solution, is an integrated production control software solution for glass fabrication and window and door manufacturing companies. It enables companies to schedule, optimize, execute and track their processes in detail and in real time, from estimate and order entry to shipping and delivery. A host of fully integrated FeneVision Core modules are available. FeneVision Core can also interface to existing business systems such as order entry, invoicing, purchasing and more or operate as a stand-alone package. FeneVision Core features a comprehensive order entry structure including quoting, costing, invoicing and a fully automated pricing tool based upon flexible user-defined rules such as price lists, discounts, option pricing, or cost-up pricing methods. The solution includes dynamic generation of BOMs at order entry based on any selected option; CAD functionality for glass fabricators; and an opening designer and bay and bow designer for window manufacturers. Production is streamlined with an integrated lineal optimizer, production scheduling tools, capacity planning capabilities, a comprehensive purchasing system and ability to generate production reports and product labels. Control of the operation is enhanced with Web-based business intelligence reporting and integrated inventory control. FeneVision Core operates on a fully graphical user interface running on a single database. This means, for example, that management and employees can see what is being made at each work station.

Easy interface to machinery
Sales quotes and orders can be entered quickly and efficiently using the intuitive user interface of Windowmaker software. Choose from hundreds of standard designs or create a one-off design easily using drag-and-drop interactions. Keyboard shortcuts also reduce input times. Stunning graphical documents are available on everything from sales quotes and order confirmations to invoices. Prices are automatically calculated from either price lists or cost-plus-markup. Purchase orders can be produced for all bought-in sales lines such as glass or stocked components. Fabricators can use the full range of standard production reports, each designed for specific work areas, or use customized ones defined for particular purposes. Links to cross-cut saws and CNC machinery are available, or can be written for all popular machines. A full range of customer documents and reports are available for all areas of administration, from delivery and invoicing through to management reporting. All reports can be customized for specific requirements. The Windowmaker Rules and Configurator dynamically control the options and answers available  ensuring products that cannot be manufactured are not configured and stored.


Smooths product development
With ProductConfigurator360 from 360 Innovations, fabricators can significantly improve all processes from new product creation, to sales and manufacturing. Creating a products catalogue is made much easier. Users can integrate into a single repository, for all products, the available options and the product data for simple and complex cases, price lists and more. Product business knowledge is made available to all employees and customers by offering them PC360. ProductConfigurator360 can be used in conjunction with other solutions from 360 Innovations (CustomBuilt360, BusinessCore360 and SalesUp360) or can simply be integrated with other solutions. PC360’s unique architecture helps centralize all the information pertaining to products.  Products made with PC360 are very well presented graphically with the high-quality rendering to scale that PC360 provides. ProductConfigurator360 helps users to sell faster, more easily, more efficiently (without error) and speeds up order processing.

Vertical integration
Improveit 360’s One-Org solution acts as a single business management platform to bring the franchise or dealer network together under one powerful system. Now the franchisor, franchisees, manufacturer, distributor, or dealers can have all their communication, data and business functionality in a customizable, cloud-based operations system built exclusively for the home improvement industry. One system across the network provides better management visibility, support for standardized procedures, and greater control with automated lead distribution and tracking; real-time oversight into network performance and operations; accurate, up-to-date product catalogs and price books; built-in required business processes; improved communication and franchisee/dealer loyalty; control over franchise or product marketing; and royalty reporting. The One-Org platform provides users with a powerful tool to increases sales, manage franchisees or dealers and grow the company. All locations can use Improveit 360 to track and manage leads, require best business practices, boost conversion rates and run business effectively and efficiently. With Salesforce.com as the technology backbone, Improveit 360 provides possibilities to connect the industry with new tools and initiatives such as national lead generation programs, marketing, price book configurators, custom mobile apps, ERP systems, QA, SCM, financing and more. Users can partner with Improveit 360 to leverage a talented team of developers with collective experience and market knowledge so that you can have the competitive advantage. The integrated future is here. What’s on your horizon? Today, manufacturers and franchisors know they must offer more comprehensive support to ensure success. Partner with us to provide the resources your network needs to beat out the competition and make them more loyal to you. Our industry expertise gives your network an advantage with educational materials and business tools to help owners and managers eliminate chaos, systematize their processes, and close more deals.

Helps maximize cash flow
Fenestration companies rely heavily on manual processes and are littered with disconnected systems that leave them vulnerable to error and an eroding bottom line. ContractERP from Softtech is a software solution that automates and connects every aspect of your fenestration fabrication operation, from initial sale to final accounting transaction. ContractERP can help fabricators eliminate redundancies, grow margins and gain a significant competitive advantage. ContractERP, as the name implies, is built around individual contracts that drive fenestration businesses. And because it is built for window and door manufacturers, Contract ERP comed personalized for each user’s needs, supporting unique tasks and providing the specific information each user needs. This solution can give business owners confidence in their business’ future by allowing them to grow without taking on more employees. Contract ERP handles accounting, inventory, delivery, project management, human resources, shop floor scheduling and more. Window and door makers will always need good people, but ContractERP allows them to do more with the people they already have. Employees can solve more problems without help, giving owners a chance to focus on areas of the business that need their full attention. Users gain more options by improving cash flow and discovering what affects it. For instance, ContractERP can coordinate purchases more precisely to customers’ ship dates and vendor lead times, granting users more control over operating capital. ContractERP can also help consolidate purchases creating more opportunities to negotiate volume pricing and favourable freight charges.

Special requirements included
Winsys software enables window and door manufacturers to produce the best possible product, on time and at a realistic price. The steady flow of information provided by Winsys helps managers better schedule work, balance workloads, and avoid backups and congestion in some areas while others sit idle. This better balance keeps all machinery and personnel working at optimum levels. Winsys accepts definitions of an unlimited number of products, each with an unlimited number of options. The product and option definitions may share bills of material and CAD drawing configurations. Additionally, any product may be identified for use in a multiple product pattern configuration, automatically calculating the various interior dimensions. Entering orders in Winsys is fast and simple. Custom products, stock sizes, multiple unit configurations and CAD drawing displays are all fully supported. Special requirements that are unique to certain customers and are easily overlooked may be configured to be automatically included. Orders and estimates are keyed from the same suite of screens removing the need to re-enter an estimate after it becomes an order.

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  1. Avatar photo John says:

    I work for Epic Doors which manufactures fiberglass entry doors, and we evaluated several software companies including WinDoor Quote, WTS Paradigm, and Fenevision. We were looking for a completely web based solution with a great quoting interface to grow our dealer network. We selected WDQ because of these features and was also priced better.

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