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November 23, 2023 in Articles
By Dako Windows

If DAKO products are not already integral to your joinery portfolio, you may be missing out on a remarkable business opportunity. This Polish company, a leader in window and door joinery manufacturing, is making significant strides in the American and Canadian markets. With almost three decades of industry experience, over 600 international trade partners worldwide, and products recognized by esteemed organizations like the National Association of Home Builders, DAKO is gaining widespread recognition beyond Europe. These are just a few reasons why a partnership with DAKO could be a game-changer for your business.

A comprehensive range of products

DAKO’s offer includes windows, front doors, patio doors, garage doors, exterior roller shutters, and window blinds. The offer is fully integrated and tailored to customer requirements. Products are made of vinyl, wood, aluminum, and wood-aluminum to meet every taste and ensure the maintenance of the most critical parameters for the inhabitants of a house.

Vinyl, known for its durability and low maintenance requirements, withstands weather conditions and sun exposure, maintaining its appearance over time. Wood serves as an excellent thermal insulator, contributing to energy efficiency. Aluminum is characterized by great durability, and resistance to scratches, moisture, and sunlight making it ideal for external applications and providing a modern aesthetic. The wood-aluminum combines the warmth of wood with the durability of aluminum, ensuring exceptional thermal insulation and an outstanding appearance.

A standout feature in the DAKO lineup is HarmonyLine, a concept that seamlessly integrates all joinery elements into a cohesive whole. With six modern designs in vinyl, wood, or aluminum and five color options, HarmonyLine strikes a balance between aesthetics, European elegance, and cutting-edge technological solutions. In a world where architectural trends lean towards consistent and personalized design, HarmonyLine stands out as a globally preferred choice.

Equally impressive is the DA-SkyLine, an award-winning ultra-slim sliding door recognized by the National Association of Home Builders. DAKO’s focus on large-size terrace solutions and expansive glazing, with sliding systems reaching up to 8 meters in width, reflects a commitment to modernity and innovation.

Quick lead time

 DAKO has 5 years of experience in the U.S. and Canadian markets, which has cemented fast delivery times for distributors. This is guaranteed by the modern containers and very careful packing. Moreover, DAKO’s commitment to excellent customer service goes beyond timely deliveries. Constant notifications on shipment status and continuous support throughout the order placement process set a high standard. The brand places a strong emphasis on tailoring its approach to meet the specific requirements of local markets, presenting a clear advantage for both dealers and their customers. DAKO support extends beyond just order processing. The company helps the partners with opening a showroom, provides marketing materials, and training assistance.

European quality for Canadian houses

For those committed to delivering a superior product to their customers, leveraging the expertise of a European manufacturer emerges as an ideal choice. DAKO uses only the best components from European leaders from countries such as – Belgium, France, Germany, and Poland.

Within the production process, DAKO places a strong emphasis on rigorous quality control measures. Trained supervisory staff is strategically positioned at each production line to oversee the work of assemblers. However, quality inspections are not confined to the production stage alone. Just before shipment, each order undergoes an additional thorough check. The company also uses a test chamber. According to DAKO, this meticulous approach is the most effective way to minimize the occurrence of returns and warranty complaints.

To validate their commitment to the highest standards, DAKO proudly holds various quality certificates, such as the prestigious Q-Zert from Europe’s most esteemed testing center. Additionally, the brand has garnered numerous local certifications, including NFRC, Energy Star, AAMA, PHIUS and others.

Warmth, silence, safety

DAKO is committed to quality, aesthetics, and comfort. In their offer, you will find thermoSecure windows, which use the latest technological solutions, including ECLAZ panels and unique thermal insulation inserts. Meanwhile, joinery equipped with acoustic triple glass, or external roller shutters helps to provide excellent soundproofing.

The other very important value is safety. About 80% of burglaries occur through easily accessible windows and doors. That’s why the company uses reinforced glass permanently combined with layers of anti-burglary foil that make them more resistant to breaking, and SecuForte handle – a solution where the window handle and spindle are disconnected, so the handle is automatically blocked and prevents the window from being opened from the outside.


The company regularly holds conferences for its business partners in the US and Canada, where it presents the offer, discusses technical issues in detail, strengthens ties with partners, and learns how to better meet their needs and adjust the offer.

This year the official conference with Canadian and US partners took place in New York City. The main point of the meeting was a showcase of DAKO products and the possibilities offered by the choice of European solutions. Breakout session with DAKO experts completed the official part of the meeting. Product Managers and Sales Specialists answered all the questions, provided advice, and discussed technical issues in detail.

DAKO was also present at the annual NAHB International Builders’ Show 2023. The visitors of the DAKO booth could get familiar with their exceptional range of products, including the famous HarmonlyLine, and hear about the brand’s technological and aesthetic solutions. The DAKO booth became a vibrant space for engaging conversations and knowledge-sharing, as visitors had the chance to interact with knowledgeable representatives who were on hand to provide insights into the intricacies of the brand’s offerings.

Choose a reliable partnership with DAKO

 Partnering with DAKO presents a golden opportunity for businesses looking to offer high-quality, European-manufactured window and door joinery in the American and Canadian markets. With nearly 30 years of industry expertise, a diverse product range, and a commitment to excellence, DAKO stands out as a reliable and innovative partner.

As the company continues to expand its presence and influence, the benefits for distributors are evident. From the comprehensive HarmonyLine concept to the award-winning DA-SkyLine sliding doors, DAKO’s commitment to aesthetic appeal, technological solutions, and customer satisfaction is unwavering.


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