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Lewin joins as technical director at SAWDAC

January 14, 2021  By Sawdac

Sawdac has announced that Phil Lewin has joined the Sawdac team as the technical director, effective Jan. 1, 2021.

Prior to joining Sawdac, Lewin’s career has been as a ‘technical marketer’ for both manufacturers and dealers. He provided information on fenestration performance matters, initiated several technical projects on window energy performance, and supported window and door manufacturers on code compliance issues.

Lewin says that “I am privileged to have been selected to be the technical director for Sawdac. This is a fundamentally important association, and I am excited to work with the board and our executive director, Jason Neal, to help you, our members, succeed at a time of uncertainty and explosive growth in our industry.”

Lewin is a voting member of CSA A440 Committees, a member of the NRCan Energy Efficient Fenestration Steering Committee, among others. He is a columnist with a technical focus for Fenestration Review magazine and is recognized for his knowledge of the many industry standards.


In this role, Lewin will connect with Sawdac members and support the industry by sharing his technical expertise, skill, and insights into Sawdac’s ongoing development as a world-class siding, window, and door association. Lewin will also be an asset to the executive director and board of directors to interact with industry shareholders and to provide the most up to date information and expertise on federal and provincial industry regulations.

Sawdac firmly believes the selection of Lewin as technical director will allow the association to better serve its members and make a difference in the industry.

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