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NAFS again? Why should my company attend a FenCon18 NAFS session?

February 21, 2018  By Al Dueck Duxton Windows and Doors

Two one-hour sessions are designed quite simply to provide excellent education on the North American Fenestration Standards (NAFS)regulations and provide your company with some better ideas, steps, processes – of how to get on side with less headache and confusion and cost. And you get an opportunity to at least indirectly, help improve the regulations by giving committee members input – not just dance to their rules! There will be approachable, experienced people on hand to talk to in plain English about how make the process more profitable!

FenCon18.com is going to offer two common sense but extremely important sessions – created by several highly knowledgeable and experienced experts – focused on NAFS.  The combination of Joe Reed, Intertek, Dave Goldsmith, P.Eng, Plygem and Terry Adamson, Westeck Windows creates a group with some 60 plus years of technical window and door experience!  It should also be emphasized that these gentlemen sit on AAMA technical committees where important decisions are made that affect how these regulations are implemented and how they affect your operation.

We believe there are some “gaps in the system” so the first NAFS session will combine a brief backgrounder on “what is NAFS”, a deeper dive into 450 and what it is and does not do well and finally the possibility of a new standard as it relates to composite mullions.  We believe that senior owners and technical managers/engineers will be the most important attendees of this session.  In a perfect world, a range of sizes of companies will develop a stronger and more complete knowledge of the program and some of the gaps that still are being solved.  We believe it is very important for the owners and senior managers to have the key influence on how these issues are solved for the health of the industry as well as the clients in the end.  Come prepared to learn and to engage in discussion as that is definitely the intent of this seminar session!

The second session will combine a straight forward presentation of how a manufacturer can do the right  preparation work for product testing combined with some very practical tools for the rest of the implementation process.  Joe Reed is bringing into his presentation the details of his spreadsheet and recommendations on how to simplify and de-mystify and make it more practical, less costly to develop your steps for becoming compliant.  We will then also bring in some real implementation experience with the combination of Terry Adamson of Westeck and Dave Goldsmith of Plygem, both of whom have substantial implementation experience and will talk about some of their “do’s and don’ts”.  Again, ENGAGEMENT is going to be important to consider not just testing but how software and internal guidance can result in proper documentation of completed fenestration being shipped.  The objective is to provide an environment where more window and door manufacturers can implement their own process and arrive at compliance less fearfully, more profitably! 


We still hear comments that “it doesn’t apply to renovation/replacement windows” and there is no inspection.  Keep in mind, you are in fact be legally liable no matter “what you think” and you as owner or senior manager may be MUCH WISER to learn – at FenCon18.com – how to effectively get on side – at least with 90% of your production and then learn how you will solve the remaining 10% effectively!  Make $en$e ???  When all manufacturers are engaged in the same process, we achieve a level playing field.  But you also have an opportunity to help achieve affective rules for your benefit!

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