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New glass surface technology to be explained at WinDoor

October 3, 2018  By Patrick Flannery

As part of its outreach to the commercial glass fabrication sector, WinDoor, happening Dec. 4 and 5 in Quebec City, will feature a bilingual presentation by Mathieu Massicotte of Edgehog detailing his Montreal startup’s efforts to commercialize a nanoetching process that renders glass non-reflective and water-repellent. The process is described in the latest issue of Glass Canada magazine.

Developed by researchers at Brookhave National Laboratories in New York and introduced to the Canadian market at Top Glass in April, the process creates nano-scale spikes on the glass surface that cancel out light refraction as it passes into the material, causing the glass to become perfectly transparent from almost all angles. As a bonus, the spikes reduce water adhesion to the surface to such an extent that beads of water literally pop off as they condense. All that remains is to scale up the production process for architectural glass sizes – an engineering effort that Edgehog is presently undertaking.

It’s a potential revolution in glass surface treatment and WinDoor attendees can get a sneak peek in Quebec City.

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