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New leadership at CCA

January 29, 2024  By Canadian Construction Association

The Canadian Construction Association has announced that Rodrigue Gilbert, senior vice-president of public affairs and procurement practices will succeed CCA’s current president, Mary Van Buren, on May 1. As communicated last fall, Van Buren announced that she is stepping down to pursue other interests.

CCA’s board of directors established a subcommittee to conduct a robust interview process. This sub-committee included chair Brendan Nobes, incomingcChair Francis Roy, two board directors Trevor Doucette and Amber Sandhu, and an external HR professional.

As part of the process, Rodrigue participated in a thorough interview, completed a series of tests administered by an external HR professional, presented his vision for the association, and reaffirmed his commitment to our industry. In making their decision, the board also considered the significant impact Rodrigue has had at CCA over the last six years, including his advocacy work to raise CCA’s profile with the federal government, the relationships and trust built with local construction associations across the country, leadership in standard practices for construction, his bilingualism, and the knowledge he has developed in best practices in contracting by overseeing CCDC and the modernization of contracting through the new SignaSur platform.

“I am excited to take on this new role and want to thank the board and sub-committee for their trust and confidence, and I want to thank Mary for her leadership and mentorship over the last six years. I am ready to lead CCA forward to demonstrate the value of our industry and have our members’ voices heard and their contribution to Canada properly recognized,” says Rodrigue.

Over the next several months, Van Buren and Rodrigue will work closely to ensure a smooth and strategic transition at the association.

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