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B.C. announces High Performance Window Certification Program

April 12, 2017  By Fenestration Association of BC

April 12, 2017 – The Province of B.C. is providing $500,000 to encourage the development and certification of high-performance windows that will help homeowners and businesses conserve energy and reduce heating costs, and stimulate the high-performance window manufacturing industry in British Columbia.

British Columbia window manufacturers will be eligible for total incentives of up to $80,000 to design, test, certify and build new window products that exceed the Province’s current energy efficiency requirements.

The windows supported by this program will move from double-pane to triple-pane glazing and greatly increased insulation in the window frames, dramatically improving the comfort inside a home or building during colder months.

The costs associated with creating new window products that exceed current B.C. energyefficiency requirements, including research and development, lab testing and certification, can be prohibitive for a window manufacturer and are a barrier to the introduction of new highperformance windows into the market. By providing financial incentives this program aims to address this market barrier and stimulate the development of high-performance windows by B.C. manufacturers.


There are two options for funding under the program:
Manufacturers who receive the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient certification for new product lines from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) are eligible for an incentive of $25,000,
Manufacturers who receive the more stringent Passive House Institute certification for their new window product lines from the Passive House Institute (PHI) are eligible to receive an incentive of $40,000.

There is a maximum of two incentive payments allowed per manufacturer under the program. A new and different product line is required for each award. Manufacturers receive the incentive when they have completed the design and prototype-manufacture of the new window product and completed the certification process.

The High Performance Window Certification Program supports commitments under the Province’s Climate Leadership Plan to encourage the development of net-zero energy buildings and create innovation opportunities and financial incentives for advanced, energy efficient buildings.

The program will be administered for the Province by the Fenestration Association of British Columbia.

Funding comes from the Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund. The ICE Fund is designed to support the Province’s energy, economic, environmental and greenhouse gas reduction priorities and advance B.C.’s clean energy sector.

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