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Fenestration Canada – Summer 2015

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July 13, 2015  By trutechdoors

Hope for a strong selling season is the mindset of most window and door manufacturers and the many suppliers of components and services at this time of year.

There will always be the little and not-so-little hurdles such as regulation, lack of regulation, testing, lack of testing, competitive pressures, rising raw material costs, imported products and so on. All of these distractions rob us of our focus and determination to reach our goals.

Many concerned fabricators and suppliers look for answers to what they believe are unique problems specific to their businesses. The fact is, you are not alone. The Fenestration Canada office fields questions from manufacturers, suppliers, builders, renovators, architects and even homeowners. What we have found is the challenges your company faces are the same ones many companies have already tackled or struggle with daily. Fenestration Canada’s vision is to be the leading resource on all matters that impact the fenestration industry across Canada. Membership in Fenestration Canada allows you to network with the single largest resource of fenestration intelligence in the country. Membership gives you access to some of the best-regarded minds in the business. Adding your voice to the many industry-related initiatives funded and created by the association can save your company thousands of dollars and you countless sleepless nights. Taking advantage of the Fenestration Canada knowledge base allows you to concentrate on what your real business: designing, manufacturing and selling quality fenestration products. It doesn’t matter the size of your company, the region you trade in or the markets you serve, membership makes sense. The Windows Seminar, held earlier this year in Toronto, displayed just how far we have to go in educating all stakeholders of the window and door industry. The seminar series, aimed at informing builders, inspectors and manufacturers about the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS), is just as important for any stakeholders in window and door supply or installation. This kind of education will go a long way to leveling the playing field, ensuring Canadian-made products are judged fairly and inhibiting the use of imported window and door products that do not meet Canadian standards. Join the group and let us know how we can better help our industry. Better yet, get involved and add your voice.

As I look back on my tenure as president so far, I am honoured at having been at the head of this wonderful organization. The friendships developed during my first term are ones I truly cherish and will follow and assist me through my career. I cannot emphasize enough the enormous networking opportunities this position has provided along with the chance to work with quality people in all fields of our industry. These dedicated professionals give their time, effort and, yes, their monetary support towards developing a stronger and more vibrant industry. Their efforts are directly related to our well-being as fenestration professionals. I encourage everyone to get involved. Through involvement you will not only grow your business but improve yourself both professionally and personally.


Windoor North America! This year’s show is shaping up to be a game changer: new floorplan, new hours a new innovation centre and much more. A fully re-energized show format will feature many of the suggestions by exhibitors and attendees from the last post-show survey. The show will kick off with a presentation from Michael “Pinball” Clemons. The message from this dynamic ex-CFL Star will surely inspire and motivate. The presentation will be held in the newly located Educational Pavilion just prior to the opening of the show on Tuesday night, Nov. 3. Wednesday’s full day of exhibits will also feature several educational seminars and a Fabricator Council meeting. Thursday’s show will open with an Economic Power Hour breakfast presentation and forecast on the Canadian economy. Innovative products and services will be brought to the forefront and displayed in the Fenestration Canada Innovation Center. Nowhere else will you find all you need to know about windows and doors. Join your peers, customers and friends. See what’s new and celebrate our industry. For more information regarding the show visit windoorshow.ca or fenestrationcanada.ca.

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