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Opinion: In the push for better buildings, B.C. leads the pack

February 15, 2018  By The Vancouver Sun

Feb. 12, 2018 – In mid-December, with little fanfare, B.C. took a bold step toward a future in which every new home, school, office, store — the works — will be built to the highest possible level of energy efficiency.

As builders who produce new homes that are more efficient than what the building-code now demands, we’re excited by this future — especially since it’s not actually that far off. In 2032, the province will require every new building to be designed and constructed so well that it could theoretically meet all of its own energy needs via rooftop solar panels or other renewable-energy technologies.

Not only will these so-called net-zero-energy-ready buildings be more comfortable, they will be healthier, more affordable to heat and about 80-per-cent more energy efficient than those built today. | READ MORE


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