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Sawdac Newsletter: November 2021

October 21, 2021  By Sawdac

Greener Home Headaches
Here we are, how many days, weeks and months later from…you thought I was going to say the COVID-19 shutdown, didn’t you? No, I’m talking about the GreenOn program of 2018.

As I write this, the Liberal party just won a minority government. Again, how many days, weeks and months did we just go through that for the same result? But let’s talk about the new federal Liberal program that the Trudeau government just recently launched: the Canada Greener Homes Grant. While SAWDAC worked with government entities on this before it was launched, we asked them to look for more development in the way of manufacturing and installer relief, along with a proper install certification program like Window Wise. We have what we have right now and continue to work with the ministries to help streamline processes for our members and consumers. After talking to many dealer members around this program, it is one that hasn’t gained the traction that the program was designed for and we have taken this information back to our contacts to let them know about the grassroots-level information. One of the things we’re hearing is, “Once we go to the triple-pane window to qualify for the grant it costs more to do than the original quote and the buyer balks at it and says no thanks,” says Mike Miski of Can-Pro Windows. This is what we are hearing from many dealers across the country, showing us that price elasticity is something to keep in mind when promoting the program with consumers walking through your door. If you would like more information on the Canada Greener Homes Grant, please drop us a line at the office as it includes all things in the house as a system envelope.

As an industry we are still hearing about 16- to 24-week lead times for install on windows and doors, but it’s not so much the glass holding manufacturers back now, its finding people to work and components. With CERB coming to an end, it should help alleviate the problem of finding employees as this has been a real struggle for not just the window and door industry but many businesses in Canada. Components, on the other hand, are something that has hampered the growth of our industry as many dealers are ready to install six or seven days each week to catch up. Hopefully, by the next article in Fenestration Review this will have subsided a bit, so stay tuned for that as we will continue to keep a close eye on this.

A couple of notes to leave you with. Window Wise and those certified dealers continue to set themselves apart during this window buying frenzy, and our RenoPlan financing program has been an amazing add-on to many businesses this year. It has helped dealers capture many more deals. Both of these programs together are gold standards in the industry and, if you are looking to set yourself apart from your competition, you should drop us a line or give us a call to see how we can help you.


RenoPlan offer with FinanceIT
From Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, SAWDAC members, in conjunction with FinanceIT, will gain access to exclusive pricing on some of our most popular promotional programs. We’ve slashed the prices on some of our deferral and buy-down programs to help you grow your sales and finish the year strong. Offering up to 50 percent off our regular pricing on deferral programs and up to 63 percent on buy-down options, this is our most competitive pricing yet. Take advantage of this exclusive offer available until the end of the year. Check out the link to this offer at financeit.io/sawdac. Or reach out to the SAWDAC office to take advantage of this great promotion.

Point-of-sale offer with PandaPay
Sawdac has partnered up with PandaPay for all your point-of-sale needs. They have great rates and offer amazing customer service and that is why we have switched to them at our office. They can save you a lot of money on your terminal transactions. If you’re curious to see how much you could save, reach out to us and we’ll give you a quote in minutes. Until the end of November, if you switch over to PandaPay you will receive 50 percent off your membership renewal.

For more information on these amazing offers, please drop us a line at jason@sawdac.com or call 800-318-9616.

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