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SAWDAC Newsletter – Spring 2018

March 5, 2018  By Fred Hamilton

Improvements; fourth from left, Chris George from Douglas Window and Doors. They are listening to Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Chris Ballard, while he spoke of the virtues of the program.

The best place to start this newsletter would be the new Green Ontario rebate program.

GreenOn update
The best place to start this newsletter would be the new Green Ontario rebate program.  The window industry was shaken up on Dec. 13 with the announcement of the GreenOn rebate program that pretty much everyone in Ontario knows about now. The mandate around the program is outlined in their mission statement: “The Green Ontario Fund is a not-for-profit provincial agency that invests proceeds from Ontario’s carbon market into climate actions that help people and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use cleaner technology to power their homes and workplaces.”

Through this mission statement GreenOn hopes to stimulate the development of the window industry by demanding a higher standard on window products being installed and how they are being installed.  GreenOn realises they need the trades to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our homes, from the production of windows through proper installation methods. To help with this, GreenOn has teamed up with SAWDAC’s Window Wise program.  Our Window Wise program is the gold standard that consumers and government want to make sure the Energy Star Most Efficient windows being installed are installed properly to help reduce GHG targets set out by the provincial and federal government.

For more details on the full program please check out our new website at sawdac.com and also greenon.ca .


With all this activity in our industry our office has become a beehive of activity with manufacturers, dealers and installers looking for information on how Window Wise can help them to get aligned with the program. While it has been like being in a hurricane, we have been on the hiring train and have hired Sabrina Amaral at the office to help Ronda and myself plow through all of the administration of the program. Ronda and Sabrina have stepped up to help our membership get the answers they need and to help them stickhandle through some obstacles as fast as they can.

On the other side of the program, our training team consisting of Mike Miski, Greg Schirk, Doug Beingessner and our newest addition, George Hughes, have traveled all over the province from Fort Frances to Ottawa to Niagara to Windsor and all points in between to satisfy the demand for everyone’s training needs.  If you are looking for training dates please check our website or email me at jason@sawdac.com.

Golf reminder
As a reminder we will be having our golf tournament in mid-June once again. It always promises to be a fun day, rain or shine. Seems to have been more rain the past couple of years, though.

For more information
Well that’s a wrap on some of the happenings at the Sawdac office.  If you have any questions about Sawdac or Window Wise please check out our website as we update information there all the time as well as on our Facebook page.  If you need info on the rebate program please check out their site at greenon.ca or email them at info@greenon.ca.

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