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Product Showcase – Summer 2015

Heat up your profits this summer with these new products from top window and door suppliers.

July 13, 2015  By Fenestration Review

Smartcode 10 Touch 15 vigDefeats the smudge

Weiser’s SmartCode 10 Touchscreen offers the latest innovation in security directly to homeowners. SmartCode Touch is a keyless, touchscreen deadbolt and the newest product to offer Weiser’s patent-pending SecureScreen technology to consumers. SecureScreen technology helps prevent the problem of smudge attacks associated with touchscreen locks. With typical touchscreen locks, passcodes can potentially be jeopardized by unwanted guests detecting frequently used numbers and characters from the oily residues left by fingers on the touchscreen surface. With SecureScreen technology, users are prompted to touch two random numbers in order to display the full screen and enter the programmed access code. This industry-first technology encourages continuous use of the full screen to mask the correct access code.

SmartCode Touch is more than just the home’s first line of security. The deadbolt, which is designed to meet homeowner demand for new and innovative technology, features a sleek touchscreen design with capacitive touch technology. The white LED display provides crisp, high-definition illumination, even in bright daylight while a reduced interior increases aesthetic appeal. The advanced design of SmartCode Touch pairs cutting-edge technology with the best security for the home, making this lock the new status symbol. SmartCode Touch installs in minutes with no hardwiring required – a Phillips head screwdriver, four AA batteries and a ruler are all that’s needed to install the deadbolt.

Wausau Custom8300SeriesPreserving history


The Custom Window by Wausau 8300 Series historically accurate windows now include true divided lites and custom-machined grilles to achieve modern performance, while preserving the look of landmark buildings. Custom Window can replicate nearly any historic sightline in a true divided lite window. Custom profiles can be designed for panning, perimeter framing or muntins, including panning systems with T-mullions to echo existing profiles. These aluminum components may be specified with up to 70 per cent recycled content and finished with liquid paint, powder coatings or anodize. Dual-colour finishing can be accommodated to match different interior and exterior colour schemes. With a palette exceeding 30,000 colour choices, painted finishes may be requested with ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and VOC-free content. Durable, VOC-free anodize finishes also may be selected, such as a patina-free copper. Custom Window by Wausau products include fixed and project-in or project-out casements; self-balancing double-hung windows; fixed and projected, simulated double-hung windows; hopper vents and historic glazing inserts for swinging terrace doors. Available on an accelerated delivery schedule, these competitively priced windows and doors are backed with an industry-leading warranty of up to 10 years.

New metal snips

Milwaukee Tool continues to rapidly expand its hand tool offering with the introduction of six new tinner snip models. The six new tinner snips are divided into three types:  the compound-offset tinner, classic tinners and lightweight tinners.  Each with a unique set of features and benefits, the new line aims to increase productivity with features such as 40 per cent larger handle loops that are much easier to use with commonly worn gloves. The compound-offset tinner snips are ideal for tough cuts and deliver increased force. Using a compound mechanism that amplifies the tool’s force, the user is able to achieve easier cuts in tough metal materials such as metal lathe with less effort. In addition, the tool features 45-degree all-metal forged offset blades to keep the user’s hands above the material while cutting, and Bolt-Lock technology so the blades will not loosen over time. The Classic tinner snips will be available in 10-, 12- and 16-inch models for straight cuts, and a duckbill model for tight radius cuts. Like the compound-offset tool, each of the Classic models will also feature Bolt-Lock technology and all-metal forged blades with up to 40 per cent larger handle loops for easy use with gloves. The Lightweight Tinner Snip is an aluminum-bodied snip with replaceable blades. Milwaukee’s solution features a cut length of 3-1/2 inches and is ideal for long cuts in sheet metal or ductwork.

FlexSpray HHProfessional painting

Titan introduces the new FlexSpray HandHeld, a multi-tool for painting pros with a unique combination of power, control and versatility. The FlexSpray Handheld delivers the power of an airless sprayer with the control of an HVLP. It’s a highly versatile tool that is capable of spraying all types of coatings for interior, exterior and fine finishing jobs. The FlexSpray is powered by JetForce technology: a variable speed turbine powerful enough to spray unthinned latex and nimble enough to spray lightweight coatings like lacquer and stain. It achieves a high-gloss finish on cabinets and furniture, special effects finishes for multi-colour coatings and will match a roller nap finish on existing drywall when spraying unthinned latex.

The FlexSpray HandHeld features a quick change system allowing the user to change front ends with a simple twist. In a matter of seconds, one front end can be disconnected and another reconnected, which is perfect for larger jobs or fast colour changes and end-of-job cleaning. Each front end is a sealed system that can store paint, eliminating cleaning between jobs or while waiting for coatings to dry.

The FlexSpray HandHeld has two front end options. The patented FlexFinish front end is built to tackle heavy coatings like latex, enamel and acrylic with the speed of a 413 tip with minimal overspray. The FineFinish front end is optimized to apply coatings like stain, lacquers and urethanes with precise control and a flawless finish, yielding results similar to a four-stage HVLP. In addition, both front ends are compatible with water and solvent-based coatings. Titan’s FlexSpray HandHeld is a long-life tool that’s designed for simple maintenance. Wear parts like pistons, cylinders and prime valves are non-existent and it has a lifetime of more than 4,000 quarts of paint. The FlexSpray HandHeld is a portable and light-weight system for professionals who spray a variety of coatings, like property maintenance specialists, residential painters and general or light commercial contractors.

GM800 from 4 o clock1Smaller but just as strong

Ergo Robotic Solutions, a manufacturer of glass handling and installation machines, has added two new models to its product line: the GM 800 and the GM 1200. Built upon the popular workhorse design of the GM 2000-12, the new smaller machines deliver the same reliability, manoeuverability and versatility of their larger counterpart in a smaller form with more affordable pricing. The GM 800 has a lift capacity of 800 pounds and can lift a load to a height of 10 feet to the center of the lift hub. The GM 1200 has a lift capacity of 1,200 pounds and can lift a load to a height of 11 feet. The standard powered articulations include three boom movements and both vertical and horizontal tilt. Optional add-on power articulations include lateral side shift, rotation, and EZ Pick, an Ergo Robotic Solutions innovation for picking up and placing a load in one smooth movement.

The benefits include more productive manpower, quicker installation, and the reduction of temporary equipment costs.

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